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9 days ago

There will be some soon. This is because the server location is being changed! 

Info Bedrock
29 days ago

There will also be a few bedrock servers available inn the near future. To just let you guys know.

Info Arena server
about 1 month ago

Arena server will soon be ready. It will have for starters a mob arena, where you'll be able to fight against monsters! There are one arena at this moment. But more will be made!


There will also be other games, like spleef and some sort of a tag game. And more of course!

Info Website update!
about 1 month ago

Changing the website once again, and hopefully for the last time! This website solution, will allow it to be more integrated with the server. With ranks, names, player repport and so on. I will add more stuff to this as we go!

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